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HyViz Hydrant markers and HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
in action in our gallery!

HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
Hydrant markers, reflective clothing, traffic safety supplies & more!

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"Our fiberglass fire hydrant markers, with stainless steel components, optional hydrant flags and your choice
of hydrant marker mounts, make our products make your hydrant STAND OUT all year long!" - Nancy

fiberglass hydrant markers

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Try our hydrant marker "Sampler Pack"
to try them out in YOUR town!

Combining stainless steel springs &
components, pultrusion fiberglass
shafts and machined aluminum,
These custom made hydrant markers
are built to last ~ to
your needs !
~ any color
~ any mount
~ Mix n` Match - no problem!

Let us show you some of the fine points
and details of our fiberglass models.

See the quality of construction and the complete control YOU have over how your marker will look.

ANY questions? Call or E-mail us!

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Features of our fiberglass hydrant marker include:

  • 100% Stainless Steel Spring - Custom designed ONLY for us in the U.S.A. - Rust Proof!
    ...Not too big or bulky!
  • Our springs are U.S. Designed, fabricated & supplied exclusively for us
    to perfectly support the marker & supply it with perfect corrosion-proof flexibility!
  • "Double Duty" Dual Interlocking Stainless Steel springs available
    - The only hydrant marker available with TWO Stainless Interlocking Springs!

  • Machined 6061 aluminum threaded end joints!- Rust Proof!
  • 3/8" thick super-strong pultrusion fiberglass shafts
  • Shafts have great UV protection,
  • UNLIMITED shaft colors- Black or White standard.
  • Currently Yellow is in stock. Shafts can be ordered in any color (optional)
  • Standard markers are four-foot long, but easily ordered in any length!
  • B-I-G six inch long engineer grade reflective bands
  • THIRTEEN high reflective banding colors for ENDLESS color combinations!
  • Mix color combinations within orders (free)
  • Match town colors, flow rates, coordinate with hydrants or more!
  • "Swirl Bands" - (a reflective swirl down shaft), is very noticeable
  • Acrylic rod collars, Steel rod-to-collar pins, 1.5" vinyl tips
  • Stainless Shaft Collar-to-spring "Laser locks" for a tamper resistant lock!
  • Our secret "goo" provides a weather resistant joint seal
  • Use our MALTESE CROSS Add-A-Flag option to help your hydrant special and
    to number them, or to help make them stand out a bit more!
  • You choice of bolted, threaded or Stainless Steel ring mount! (see below)
  • All Hardware, instructions and more!
  • 100% Custom formed, machined, assembled, & checked in the U.S.A!
  • "HyViz Value" Markers! Back by popular demand! 5/16" fiberglass Markers,
    Four reflective bands, stainless ring mount. No spring - perfect for rural, remote areas,
    or a low cost alternative to rebar. Email for EZ-quote bulk rate.

    I know there are choices when it comes to hydrant markers, our hydrant markers
    aren't the biggest or smallest, they're not the shortest or tallest, they're simply
    custom made to YOUR every need - each a work of art - separating us from the rest!
    "A hydrant marker can be functional AND look great also! "
    ~ Nancy

"All our hydrant marker products are affordable solutions that will locate
your hydrants in snow, fog, rain, twilight, moonlight & sunlight."

  • Hydrant Markers help you comply with Local Ordinances
  • Hydrant Markers locate hydrants when vehicles park in front of them
    ...Allowing you to ticket the violator!
  • Hydrant Markers are very cost effective and look great!
  • All of our strong, durable Stainless or Fiberglass markers are built to last!
  • Behind debris or garbage cans, leaf piles, in fields of corn, non-lit stretches of roads,
    AND OF COURSE, SNOW, your hydrants will jump out!
  • From hydrant markers or signs to our reflective identification panels, we have you covered!
  • Get the community involved with fire prevention and fire safety programs
  • Adopt a hydrant! We can supply a free Website, incentive programs, gifts and more!
  • Please let us supply your next hydrant marker, from a simple pavement marker
    or reflective ID panel, to a Stainless Steel 9.11 Hydrant marker, we have you covered

Some popular color choices:

is the most popular combination choice.
Here are some other popular combinations.
You can always choose your own combination or mix
combinations in your order FREE!
You can make up your own combination also...
...after all, they are YOUR markers!

Want more pictures? See the Gallery!

fiberglass hydrant markers
"Patriot" Want to see this full size? Click it- it's cool!







Your choice of THREE Mounting styles:
  • "Sexy 33 ring mounts" .33" thick hand bent teardrop loop, from 304 stainless steel w/ poly bushing! Awesome!
  • These are standard on our "Value Markers"!
  • Coated 3/16" thick bolted mounts super string/adaptable!
  • Stainless threaded stud mounts
  • Click here for our detailed "Mounting Styles and Installation" Data Sheet
hydrant marker mount
Bolted Mount Details and instructions

1) Remove existing bolt from hydrant
2) Position mount over hole and reinstall bolt.

NOTHING is easier to install than our Hy-Viz markers!
hydrant marker mount
Stainless ring mount details & instructions

1. Thread marker to mount 2. Remove outlet cap 3. Slide marker over port.
4. Tightly reinstall cap, holding Hy-Viz marker securely in place.
Our mounts allow markers to stand free and clear from hydrant!
When hydrant is needed, marker falls to the side, not interfering!
All ring mounts have an open teardrop design to allow an offset like a "split lock washer", and are fully adjustable!
The offset can be increased to allow ANY cap to lock marker in place!- no matter how wide the gap!
(We also have solid ring spacers for those hard to close caps, if you need them just call.)
Inside diameter is about 3" 3/8 to fit over any side outlet easily without damaging or binding on threads!

Add-A-Flag options:
Plastic Maltese cross or stainless dual reflective!
Flags are stiff, allowing them to stand from marker even without wind
Perfect for numbering your hydrants, or for that extra impact!

  • Maltese Cross Flag
    ~ the perfect 99 cent option! Click here!
  • Stainless "Hy-Intensity" and Engineer grade
    Reflective sheeting in 2-tone pattern shown to right.

    (stainless model only)

Try our Hydrant Marker sampler special for only 225.00!
Here's what you get:

A DOZEN fiberglass hydrant markers in your color and style choices FREE Hy-Viz T-Shirt
One FREE Hydrant marker - In Patriot banding! One FREE Blue Pavement marker
One FREE "Flexible Reflectible" ID Panel FREE promotional materials & more! EVEN FREE shipping!
Get the Hydrant marker Sample Pack Today !
Use the coupon code "sampler" when ordering for FREE Shipping!
reflective  vests and clothing

This deal is perfect for testing and seeing how people react to these great products!

Hy-Viz Incorporated -Women owned, Family Run - We care!
(phone) 973-478-1464   (fax) 973-478-1943

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