" From our 100% Stainless hydrant marker, fiberglass fire hydrant markers, "blue dots", stencils hydrant flags,
hydrant signs or reflective numbered bands, our products make your hydrant STAND OUT all night long!"
- Nancy

HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!

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HyViz water hydrant marker. Hydrant markers for all fire safety needs!  Check out our gallery!
HY-VIZ Gallery, Click me!
email for hydrant marker info!

Hydrant Markers
Fiberglass models
Stainless models
Reflective Hydrant signs
Blue Pavement markers

FREE 9.11 hydrant marker
Ground Force marker
"Flexible Reflectibles"
Hand-stamped ID panels!

Hydrant marker overview
Hydrant marker options
Hydrant marker gallery

Pavement Markers

Raised Pavement Markers
Reflective 4x4, round & more!
Styles from raised to solar!

"Flexible Reflectibles"
Flexible reflective wraps
Identification reflectibles
Standard reflectibles

Reflective Clothing
Fall/Winter Specials
USA-made vests & more!
Imported Vests
K9-Heroes Clothing

Driveway markers

All 3/8 thick- the thickest!
"Your Choice" markers
"Safety Canes" (swirled)
"Patriot" (red/white/blue)
Seasonal markers
"Border Spikes"
Raised pavement markers
(Great for driveways too!)

5/16" Economy bulk lots:
(Perfect for landscapers&
snow removal Email for details)

Utility Products
Delineators (all styles)
Reclaimed water markers
Utility Line markers

Traffic calming

Rumble Strips
Speed Bumps

Utility Box Markers
Runway/Taxiway markers

Reflective Signs

Complete Sign Packages
-custom or MUTCD signs

Hydrant marker
School Crossing Signs
Pedestrian Crossing Signs
Handicap Parking Signs
Stop/Yield Signs

Flat Panels

"Flexible Reflectibles"

Winter Guidance
Snowplow/Bumper Guides

More Products

Reflective Batons
Plastic Coated Furniture
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How much is time worth?
How much is it worth, those few fleeting minutes, where it
could mean property, memories... or a life?
How much time is WASTED digging where there is no hydrant?
How annoying is it digging where there is no hydrant?

Let our hydrant markers
find hydrants FAST!

How many times have you "just missed" when digging out your hydrants?
Even if the hydrant is only a few feet away, it may as well be 50 feet away!

Even when time is not an issue, when your hydrant is covered under
snow drifts, or plowed under, our hydrant marker is a GREAT time saver
showing exactly where to dig them out!

Identify your hydrants and flow rates!

You can add any color band combination to match town colors or flow rates!
Use our "Add-a-Flag" or "Flexible Number Panels" to identify & number your hydrants easy! We work WITH you - never settle for "what is in stock"!

"All our hydrant marker products are affordable
solutions that will locate your hydrants in snow, fog, rain,
twilight, moonlight & sunlight."
ANY color reflective banding is available on any of our hydrant markers, driveway markers!
(100% Stainless models shown)

  • Hydrant Markers help you comply with Local Ordinances
  • Hydrant Markers locate hydrants when vehicles park in front of them
    ...Allowing you to ticket the violator!
  • Hydrant Markers are very cost effective and look great!
  • All of our strong, durable Stainless or Fiberglass markers are built to last!
  • Behind debris or garbage cans, leaf piles, in fields of corn, non-lit stretches of roads,
    , your hydrants will jump out!
  • From hydrant markers or signs to our reflective identification panels, we have you covered!
  • Get the community involved with fire prevention and fire safety programs..
    Adopt a hydrant! We can supply a free Website, incentive programs, gifts and more!
I know there are choices when it comes to hydrant markers. Our hydrant markers
aren't the biggest or smallest, they're not the shortest or tallest, they're simply
custom made to YOUR every need - each a work of art - separating us from the rest!
"A hydrant marker can be functional AND look great also! "
~ Nancy

"With Seven models, Three mounting styles, ENDLESS rod color choices & several colors
of high-reflective bands,
we WILL make a hydrant marker to meet your EVERY need!
- And since we design them all here, we can custom design ANYTHING YOU NEED!
"We can also supply hydrant signs, flexible identification panels,
9.11 memorial markers, ground force markers, adopt-a-hydrant programs and more!"
~ Nancy

Just look at our Hydrant Marker selection!
Fiberglass models Stainless models HyViz Value Markers Hydrant Signage
Blue Pavement markers
9.11 hydrant marker Ground Force marker
"Adopt-a-Hydrant" "Flexible Reflectibles" (Hand-stamped ID panels!)
HyViz Value Markers Hydrant Flags, Hydrant Marker T-shirts and more!
Who else has this many different ways to mark your hydrants?

Let's Begin! Your first step is choosing the material and style!
Please click a style below, or use the menu on the upper left.
Remember, we offer the largest selection of hydrant markers, so look around!
- and if you can't find it here, just E-mail us

fiberglass hydrant markers
" From our 100% Stainless hydrant marker, fiberglass fire hydrant markers,  we make the night bright!

fiberglass hydrant marker

With Stainless Steel Springs & components,
Pultrusion Fiberglass Shafts & Machined Aluminum,
These are GREAT Hydrant Markers Built to Last!

Let us show you some of the fine points & details
of our fiberglass models, the quality of construction, and
the total control YOU have over how your marker will look.
Try our hydrant marker "Sampler Pack"
to try them out in YOUR town!

~ Three Mounting Styles ~ Two Spring Styles ~
~13 Reflective Band Colors ~ Unlimited Shaft colors ~

~ "Add-a-Flag" Options
~ Hy-Viz Value Markers

fiberglass hydrant marker information

Get our Special Edition
WHITE & BLUE reflective
"Patriot Banding" Upgrade Always FREE!

Just ask for it when ordering!
Get the Full Color Brochure

...While we are looking at fiberglass markers, back by popular demand:

"HyViz Value" Markers! Back by popular demand!
"Our "Hy-Viz Value" fiberglass fire hydrant markers prove that value AND quality are still available in one package!
stainless steel components, a solid stainless steel ring mount, your choice of hydrant marker reflective bands
and 5/16" fiberglass, our value marker is a great alternative to rebar & make your hydrant STAND OUT all year long!" - Nancy

" Your markers have reduced snow clearing times!-- thank you!"
"Wow these look great! I never expected the reaction our town has had to them!"
" At night I can see your red/white/blue markers super clear- cool!!"

stainless hydrant marker. Hydrant markers for all fire safety needs! Fire hydrant markers in 13 colors & 6 styles! See our traffic safety products!

stainless hydrant markers

With 100 % Solid Stainless Steel construction, these are ULTIMATE
Hydrant Marker with a LIFETIME Corrosion Warranty!

~13 reflective band colors ~ Solid stainless shafts ~
~ "Add-a-Flag" Options ~

These hydrant markers are especially recommended if you
intend to keep your hydrants marked all year long.

This page will show you why these are the strongest
hydrant markers we make - They may outlast your hydrant!
These hydrant markers put "Rusty Rebar" to shame!

hydrant marker information

Get our Special Edition
WHITE & BLUE reflective
"Patriot Banding" Upgrade Always FREE!
Just ask for it when ordering!
Get the Full Color Brochure
" From our 100% Stainless hydrant marker, fiberglass fire hydrant markers,  we make the night bright!

"Hey you are right! Pure Stainless Steel "sex appeal!"
" During tree clearing a huge branch fell 30 feet and your hydrant marker barely bent!"

raised pavement  markersraised pavement  markers More great hydrant markers & marking ideas! raised pavement  markersraised pavement  markers
These great hydrant marker and hydrant flag ideas are great too!

Hy-Viz Hydrant Signs - Made in the USA!
Hydrant signs! - a perfect solution where hydrant mounted markers are not an option!

  • Highway grade .080" thick aluminum sign
  • 12" square standard, other sizes available: 24" & 30" square, 12"x18", 24" x 18" and others!
  • Perfect for sound barriers on highways, walls, utility poles, buildings, malls, parking lots,
    standpipes or busy urban areas for year-round use!
  • Engineer grade white reflective face with red hydrant - or you can chose ANY color you wish!
    Installation is never easier!
    - Mount on any signpost or wall with pre-drilled holes or order
    with all-weather adhesive backing, for easy "peel 'an stick" installation!
  • Space on sides for easy hydrant numbering if desired!
  • We now offer double sided signs! Our exclusive design provides for perfect
    unblocked views from both sides, and no - the sign post does NOT get in the way !

"These double sided signs are the best thing I have ever seen! and look great- from ANY angle!"
"We collected $330 in fines in the first month after installing ous signs - no more missed hydrants!"

Street Mounted Hydrant markers, and raised pavement markers, the best hydrant marker or road marker for warm climates! Find all your raised pavement markers, road markers or street markers here! Find all your raised pavement markers, road markers or street markers here! Find all your raised pavement markers, road markers or street markers here! Find all your raised pavement markers, road markers or street markers here!

raised pavement  markers Raised Pavement Markers & Disksraised pavement  markers

Available in ANY style, ANY colors, blue shown here
"The perfect compliment to our Hy-Viz hydrant Markers!"

These can be placed on roads -- or even curbs!

Exotic solar, electronic, aluminum & plowable models also available!

Whether marking a small road our a highway, one hydrant or 1000,
let us
"pave the way"
Your order is important to us - No order too small or large!
Butyl pads and epoxy kits available.

Get the Full Color Raised Pavement Brochure

raised pavement  markers"Ultra-Flexible Reflectibles" raised pavement  markers
Mark loading zones, utility poles, Crash Poles, trees or hydrants with our
"Hy-intensity" reflective on very flexible aluminum!
Any color, even "crystal grade" fluorescent are available!

Perfect to cut, shape, bend, fold, wrap, twist around any, utility pole, tree or ANYPLACE!
We offer these in ANY color and ANY size!
"You are only limited by your imagination with what you can do with these reflective panels!"

Supplied with holes or with no holes on both ends, they can be held in place with
color matching ties or easily nailed or stapled in place.
We can also apply 3M weather proof adhesive for - "peel & stick" reflective safety!
Flexible reflective panels
Hy-Viz reflective panels, utility poles, reflectors,
for ANY situation or use!

REFLECTIVE ID "Flexible Reflectible" panels
...A perfect hydrant data plate & hydrant marker!

We can supply them for ANY identification need ... all hand stamped!

Our two most popular sizes are:
1 3/8" wide identification panels
-numbers hand stamped to your needs!

3" wide - Perfect for Utility Poles & Trees
Lengths are made to your needs!

These are perfect for identifying
s, utility poles, crash poles, shopping centers, vehicles, docks and more!

<--click to enlarge

We stand by our products; we strive to use the highest quality materials and assembly procedures. We are, however, NOT responsible for misuse or vandalism
of our products. The following is made in lieu of all warranties, expressed or implied, including the implied warranties of merchantability and fitness of purpose.
Seller's and manufacturer's only obligation shall be to repair such quantity of the product found to be defective for a limited time depending on product.
Before using and installing, purchaser and/or user shall determine the suitability of the product for its intended use, including, but not limited to: location, height,
any safety issues, and secure installation of the product. It is the sole responsibility of the customer to check all local, state, federal and corporate regulations
regarding the suitability, legality and/or safe use of any product purchased from User and or purchaser also agrees to maintain products after installation.
User and or purchaser assumes all risk and liability whatsoever in connection therewith. Neither manufacturer nor seller shall be liable either in tort or in contract
for any injury, loss or damage, direct, indirect, incidental, or consequential; arising out of the use, misuse, vandalism, or inability to use the product.