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HyViz Hydrant markers and HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
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HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
Hydrant markers, reflective clothing, traffic safety supplies & more!

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"Our stainless water hydrant markers, with your choice of hydrant marker bends, hydrant marker colors
and optional hydrant flags, make your hydrant STAND OUT all year long!" - Nancy

HyViz water hydrant marker. Hydrant markers for all fire safety needs! Fire hydrant markers in 13 colors & 6 styles! See our traffic safety products!
The Best - and the LAST Hydrant Marker you will EVER buy!
"More of a work of art than a hydrant marker!"
Forget those Rusty Rebar loops!- will you PLEASE recycle them already!

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from solid 3/8"
Grade 304 Stainless Steel.

These are the ULTIMATE all metal hydrant markers!

These is the strongest hydrant marker we
- or probably anyone else -

Each hydrant marker has its own section waiting
just for you, just click a name
...Or scroll down and see all the information!

100 Solid Stainless Ring Mount Styles
These models are made from ONE 100%
Perfect! Sexy!

Stainless Steel utility box markers
You asked for it! Just the "right size" with springs
...Perfect choice for utility boxes!

.pdf file viewer

These markers with lifetime warranties, may last longer than your hydrants!
These have had salt water sprayed year round, installed in sand dunes, garbage dumps,
have had tree limbs fall on them, buildings removed around them, farm equipment run into them
and have always been re-shaped back perfectly, without one report of corrosion or breakage!

These are also installed in very "upper class" areas, where the towns demanded classy,
refined markers. They have been polished, placed at 9.11 memorials and more!
These are the most adaptable, strongest markers we make, perfect for any area!

Details for Stainless Models include:

  • 3/8" Solid 304 aircraft quality stainless steel shaft -Corrosion Guaranteed for LIFE
  • SUPER DUTY one piece construction!
  • Hand-formed loops and bends in the Good Ol' USA!
  • Lifetime Corrosion Warranty and Lifetime warranty on marker breakage!
    ...You can bend 'em, but you aint breaking them!
  • 4.5 - 5 foot high from loop! (Longer sizes available!)
  • At least FOUR huge reflective bands!
  • Special 9.11 Memorial marker FREE for 9.11 memorial areas.
  • THIRTEEN high reflective engineer grade banding colors for ENDLESS color combinations!
  • Choose ANY combination, mix colors within orders (free) to match town colors, flow rates etc.
  • "Swirl Bands" - a reflective swirl down shaft, is very noticeable and no extra charge!
  • Teardrop split loop with poly bushing holds marker in place behind outlet cap- tightly!
  • Rust free Aluminum spacers available for tough installation applications
  • Super-Strong These may last longer than the Hydrants! Just install it and forget it!
  • Perfect whether in "torture" or "Upper Class" areas - perfect everywhere!
  • Custom offset bending that mimic our ring mounts is available if you want extra clearance.
  • These markers are recommended if you intend to keep your hydrants marked ALL year long!

    Why Stainless Steel?
    Never rusts Never fades Never chips!
    Never needs painting, $aving you money!
    Can be Polished to a high "chrome like" finish!
    LIFETIME Corrosion Warranty!
    Classy and functional artwork - All handbent!
    Classic design with modern materials!

    There are choices you can make with hydrant markers that's why we say:
    "Our hydrant markers aren't the biggest or smallest, or the shortest or tallest,
    they're simply custom made to YOUR needs each
    treated as work of art
    and that's what separates us from the rest! " ~ Nancy

Get our Special Edition RED WHITE & BLUE
Reflective"Patriot Banding" FREE Just ask for it when ordering!

stainless steel fire hydrant markers

100% Solid Stainless Steel Loop Models
Just install it and forget it! Hy-Viz Stainless Hydrant Markers are
corrosion PROOF & the strongest ones we make!

Forget those Rusty Rebar loops!
- will you PLEASE recycle them already!

3/8" shafts, reflective bands, these are tough & awesome looking!

These are neat, sleek sexy and the "Mack truck" of the markers we make!
These are great in those "torture areas" where you NEED a strong marker...
...Or in areas where you want the "Stainless Steel and Sex appeal"
of our
sexiest markers

Simply.... these are the BEST!

These pictures don't do just to how great these really look!
stainless steel fire hydrant markers
Our stainless markers always look great, NEVER need painting and are VERY STRONG!
Wherever you would use a metal marker, use ours! They never RUST & never chip - PERFECT!

We WILL meet your needs.. ANY of them.. If we don't have what you need- we will MAKE it!

Custom Offset Bending or
"Flat" teardrop loops -
Pure Artwork!

Sometimes you may desire custom offset bending that mimics
our ring mounts, clearing any bonnet overhang the hydrant has!
(While this is not always needed, we got you covered!)
Check your particular application before ordering.

Just Install it and forget it!

You will NEVER need to paint or maintain it again!
Guaranteed-- FOR LIFE!

To Install: 1)Remove cap
2) slide over outlet, and
3) re-tighten cap tightly

Just Install it and forget it!
You will NEVER need to paint or maintain it again!

Our stainless markers are designed to slip behind the outlet cap.
The inside diameter is about 3.5 inches.
The outside diameter is about 4 inches.

.pdf file viewer

"Flat" Teardrop loop

Offset Loop

Please Call us for detailed, fast and friendly service!
( 973-478-1464 )
(fax) 973-478-1943

"All our markers are affordable hydrant markers that will locate your hydrants
in snow, fog, rain, twilight, moonlight & sunlight."
- Nancy

  • Hydrant Markers help you comply with Local Ordinances
  • Hydrant Markers locate hydrants when vehicles park in front of them
    ...Allowing you to ticket the violator!
  • Hydrant Markers are very cost effective and look great!
  • All of our strong, durable Stainless or Fiberglass Markers are built to last year after year.
  • Behind debris or garbage cans, under leaves, in fields of corn or vegetation, non-lit stretches of roads,
    AND OF COURSE, SNOW, your hydrants will jump out!
  • Hydrants with faded paint are barely noticeable during the day - at night or bad weather it is much worse!
  • From hydrant markers or signs to our reflective identification panels, we have you covered!
  • Get the community involved with your fire prevention and fire safety programs.. Adopt a hydrant!
    We can supply a free Website, incentive programs free gifts and more!

Stainless Steel Utility Box "Mini-Markers"

You asked for it! Something sexy, cool and just the "right size" for utility boxes!
If you are looking for something you can leave up ALL year since it is stainless,
or something that you can use in areas where you just do not NEED a four-foot marker, here it is!
Designed for utility box applications, these are perfect!

Construction for all "Mini Models" include:
  • 24 Inch tall, 3/8 thick
  • Aircraft Quality 304 Stainless Steel Shaft- Rust Proof!
  • Stainless Steel Spring- Rust Proof!
  • TWO 6" High Reflective Engineer Grade Marking Bands
  • Stainless welded collar locks marker to spring!
  • Stainless Steel Flag Tabs available.
  • Stainless rods are natural (silver) and can be polished too!
  • Formed, machined and assembled in the Good Ol' USA!
  • ANY color reflective band or combination available
  • Lifetime corrosion warranty!

( Click to enlarge )

Ground Force hydrant markers
Ground Force hydrant markers

They're BIG They're BAD and They're looking for trouble!

Sink these HY-VIZ Ground-Force Posts into the ground
or cement them in place! When you need a the biggest
and strongest stand-alone marker, look no further!
Available up to TEN feet Long at NO EXTRA COST! - Awesome!

hydrant marker information

Hy-Viz Incorporated -Women owned, Family Run-- We care!
(phone) 973-478-1464   (fax) 973-478-1943

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