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HyViz Hydrant markers and HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
and hydrant locator products!

HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
Hydrant markers, reflective clothing, traffic safety supplies & more!
delineators and utility markers
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delineators and utility markers delineators and utility markers

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Parking lot, Condo and traffic calming solutions
From speed bumps, parking blocks and rumble strips we have you covered!
All parking blocks and speed bumps have a brochure you can download, and all can be purchased with NO MINIMUMS!

All parking blocks and speed bumps are made in whole or in part with recycled materials,
they will outlast heavy concrete or asphalt products, and NEVER need painting!
Great for the enviroment, great for your parking lots and great for your budget!

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Parking blocks - all styles!

Residential, office and commercial style

Engineered Design delivers greater strength with lower weight …and lower shipping cost!
Easy One-Person Installation - simply carry it into place and install.
Parking Blocks are Recycled Plastic to reduce waste in land fills.
Parking Blocks Out-Perform Concrete - won't chip from the elements and NEVER need painting!
Most Orders Ship Same Day From Stock
Commercial Super Saver Parking Blocks are 6 feet long x 6 inches wide x 4 inches high.
Unlike our competitors, our price includes mounting hardware!

Get all the details with our color brochures Click here!

Heavy Commercial and Industrial style

The Industrial Solid Saver Parking Block is ready for the
most demanding
application! Made with basically the same dimensions as the commercial blocks, these are formed SOLID- the toughest!

They are available in both 6 ft & 4ft for special applications.
Industrial Parking Block is solid and is so durable, it is guaranteed against breakage!

Industrial Parking Blocks are 6 inches wide x 3.5 inches tall and Two lengths, 4 feet and 6 feet.

Parking Blocks available in Yellow, Gray, White and Blue. Color is through and through – no painting ever!

Pre-drilled holes for anchors!
Get all the details with our color brochures Click here!
Parking block overview sheet Click here!

Speed Bumps - Permanent or Temporary!

Solid Composite Speed Bump:

  • One-person transportation, installation, and relocation.
  • Speed Bumps are solid and maintenance-free
  • Never need painting!
  • Resist damage from sun, salt, oil, and chemicals.
  • Easy to move to change traffic patterns.
  • Speed Bumps slow traffic to help prevent accidents
  • Color is safety yellow made of 100% recycled material.
  • Bumps are 2" high by 10" wide & 4', 6' or 9' lengths.
  • All hardware included spikes or lags and anchors!

EPDM Rubber Speed Bump:

  • At 3" tall and 14" wide this bump means business!
  • Weight of the bump alone will hold it in place.
  • Safety yellow color is molded in.
  • Available in the following- 6, 8, 10, 12 or 16 ft long!
  • EPDM Rubber stays flexible in ANY weather condition

Striped Rubber Speed Bump:

  • Striped Rubber Speed Bumps are durable, visible, flexible, removable.
  • Rubber Speed Bumps are made from
    100% recycled rubber.
  • Speed Bump stands up to traffic, oil,
    weather and abuse.
  • Speed bump has reflective yellow stripes and "cat eye" reflectors molded into them
    to make it highly visible at night!
  • Bump conforms to contours of the road.
  • Base has two 1 1/4" channels for cabling, piping or drainage.
  • Bumps are 12" wide x 2.5" tall, 4 or 6 ft long
  • Optional 9” end caps for a rounded look
  • All hardware included!

Get all the details with our color brochures Click here!

"Road Rumblers"

Dimensions: 24 inches long, 4 inches wide, 0.5" high Weight: 1.25 pounds
Glass filled polymer Colors: Yellow or white
Deep gripping cleats - .175" high - hold adhesives and rumbler tight to the surface!
Great for parking entrances/exits, traffic calming, etc.

Heavyweight Parking Block/ Speed Bump

18 inches long, 8 inches wide, 1.50" high Weight: 3.50 pounds
Material: Recycled polymer resin Colors: Yellow or white
Bottom: Deep vertical ridges for great epoxy adhesion and resistance to movement.
Great for parking stops, speed bumps, delineation, etc.

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Through a combination of our suppliers, and our own reflective products,
we can offer solutions to ANY need with extremely competitive pricing!

"We are VERY proud of our products, and the products that we supply.
We design, build
& sweat over every detail on our products, and make sure our suppliers do the same.
We turn down more products than other companies supply.. we ONLY sell the best!"
~ Nancy

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