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HyViz water hydrant marker. Hydrant markers for all fire safety needs! Fire hydrant markers in 13 colors & 6 styles! See our traffic safety products!
HyViz water hydrant marker. Hydrant markers for all fire safety needs! Fire hydrant markers in 13 colors & 6 styles! See our traffic safety products!

HyViz water hydrant marker. Hydrant markers for all fire safety needs!  Check out our gallery!
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We are committed to "Make the night bright!"
Besides Our Hy-Viz Hydrant markers,we are pleased to welcome these other products to you!

Flexible & Adaptable Custom Marking Solutions!
The PERFECT Companion to our Hy-Viz Markers!

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"Ultra-Flexible Reflectibes"
Flexible reflective panels for ANY situation or use!

Our most popular flat panels!

These are perfect to wrap around hydrants, utility poles or trees!

If you can find a more adaptable, flexible reflector, buy it!

Our two most popular sizes
are 1 3/8" wide (sold in pairs)
and 3" - Perfect for
telephone poles and trees!

<--click to enlarge

These flexible reflectives have a High-Intensity reflective
surface on Non-Rusting Aluminum!
Perfect to cut, shape, wrap, twist around any hydrant, utility pole or tree - ANYPLACE!

We can also supply you these in the highest quality "Crystal grade" sheeting as shown below:


4" wide Crystal Grade Reflective POWER!

Flexible panels are incredibly adaptable, easy to cut, twist or fold!
ANY Color, including Fluorescent Yellow-Green or Orange!
Various Widths and Lengths available! Our two most popular sizes
are: 1 3/8" x 30 (sold in pairs) & 3" x 36" (great for telephone poles)
Some other sizes are 4 x 4 (trail markers) 3 x 15 (crash poles)
"Crystal grade" available up to 4" wide! - (with lifetime warranty!)
Stiff Stainless Steel backing available (with lifetime warranty!)
PERFECT for trail markers - easy to cut into any shape!
We can apply adhesive weather resistant backing - Peel and stick reflective safety!

We can supply panels with holes on ends, easily held in place with ties or nailed in place.

Slimline Flat Reflective Panels for any location or use!

THICKER Signage Panels for ANY use or area!

Check out our flat reflective panels to
"hy-light" and border any area, sign,
doorway, garage opening, delineator,
sign post, loading dock, tree, driveway,
utility boxes, parking and curb guides,
mailboxes and more!

Widths up to 3 in High Intensity sheeting
4" in Florescent yellow/green or orange

Various Length available!

All signs are Rust Free Aluminum,
Thickness from a workable .036" to a very stiff .080"
Packages include EVERYTHING you need!
We supply flat corrosion resistant aluminum
panels -
perfect for drilling, nailing, riveting,
or can be glued or velcro'd!

The reflective surface can be stenciled, painted customized easily, these are perfect!

Prices are flexible, just like our panels!
It depends on width, thickness and length
of the panel. Just Email or call us with ANY of your applications.

Need a Sign Post too? Let us know!

Flat Reflective Panels

Full Color!
- Acrobat .pdf

.pdf file viewer

Comply with regulations,
Increase Safety, and show that you care!
Please Call us for detailed, fast and friendly service!
( 973-478-1464 )
(fax) 973-478-1943
If you do not get a response in 24 hours from any E-mail or form, use our Direct E-mail or call us, toll free!

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