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"From the best hydrant markers, come the best driveway markers-
that STAND OUT all year long! From single swirl designs to seasonal designs
to Patriotic Swirls- we have you covered!" - Nancy

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From the BEST Hydrant markers,
you get the best Driveway Markers!

Yellow/amber single swirl ->

We design any color driveway marker you need,
all in 3/8" fiberglass - the BEST!

Thicker than normal driveway markers,
...with a lifetime warranty for breakage!

Full UV protection, Engineer grade Reflective banding!
Swirls travel down for outstanding coverage &
eye-catching designs!

During the day, they look great!
They are made from the SAME quality materials
that go into ALL of our Hy-Viz markers.

What makes them different?

A single or double reflective swirl that travels
360 degrees around the rod!!

Any color combination, from Seasonal red/green
to red/blue for all around use and Forth of July to
Black/Orange for Halloween, we have any marker
you need!


Seasonal Red/Green
Any color...
Any combination...
Anything you need, just ask!

Pictures just don't do justice
how much these "POP OUT" at
night when light hits them!

They are so impressive we are
offering the same "swirl design"
as an option on ALL our
Hy-Viz Hydrant markers also!

We hope you order some today!
These make great decorations
& safety markers!
Buy some for your walkways,
driveways, and as gifts!

All come with LIFETIME
breakage warranty!

Double Swirl markers!

Patriot Swirls

"Samson" Blue Swirl and double blue/red Patriot Swirl!

4 foot long, 3/8" thick Safety Cane with your choice reflective swirl color - or colors !
Want to order online? Now you can order sets of 12 from us!
Just the right amount for your driveway and walkways, or to give out as gifts!

Buy 12 for only $45.48
( only 3.79 each! )

Click here to go to our Secure Server!

"Give the gift of safety and a really cool holiday decoration this year!"

Hy-Viz Incorporated -Woman owned, Family Run-- We care!
(phone) 973-478-1464   (fax) 973-478-1943

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