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HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
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Utility Marker & Delineator Products
Whether marking the side of a road, runway, taxiway, or underground lines, we got you covered!

Hydrant Markers
Fiberglass models
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Reflective Hydrant signs
Blue Pavement markers

FREE 9.11 hydrant marker
Ground Force marker
"Flexible Reflectibles"
Hand-stamped ID panels!

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Flexible reflective wraps
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Seasonal markers
"Border Spikes"
Raised pavement markers
(Great for driveways too!)

5/16" Economy bulk lots:
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snow removal Email for details)

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Standard Traffic Delineators
Single or double curved pictured below, are available for delineator or utility marker!
Length: Standard sizes are 48, 60, 66, 72 and 78 inches
Width: 3 3/4 inches
Thickness: 3/16"


Guide posts are manufactured with post-consumer
recycled engineering thermoplastic resins.
They are built tough to endure multiple
impacts and
the rigors of years of installed service.

message or reflective surface
Can be applied on one or both sides!

All markers are manufactured in the U.S.A.
and are approved by the US/DOT FHWA for use
on all federal highway projects.

These Delineators have the typical properties




Specific Gravity

1.20 (typ)


Water Absorption, 24 hrs., 73F






Tensile Elongation at break

30% min


Rockwell Hardness R-Scale

100 min





1/8" Notched (ft. lbs./in.)

12.0 min


1/8" Unnotched

No break


The posts are made with a minimum of 5% post-consumer, engineered recycled thermoplastic, with the total recycled
content being greater than 50%. Post are modified with
virgin modifiers, pigments and UV stabilizers for outdoor
weather-ability. Posts are one color plastic throughout
and have a solid plastic profile without fillers.

Standard Utility line markers
& Traffic Delineators flyer

Full Color Sheet! - Acrobat .Pdf

... Whether marking Country Roads,
Busy Highways, Winding Streets,
~~ or ~~
Water, Gas, Power, Sewer, Cable,
Reclaimed Water, or Phone lines...
We Got you covered!

These are a great replacement for non-flexible
and dangerous metal or wooden posts!
These Affordable, Lightweight, Flexible and
EASILY INSTALLED markers are the
PERFECT choice for ANY utility or traffic marking need.

We also have a full range of installation tools,
Hard soil tips, and Soft soil anchors!

"APWA green" & "Pantone 522C"

As you can see, they can be ANY color you need!
(Ask about our pavement markers in these colors too!

ANY notice, warning or custom statement can be added.
( They can, of course, be ordered blank also)

Guardrail, and concrete
dividers always available


Easy Installation!

Round Delineators
...with or without super flex joints

  • Length: 48, 54, 66 and 72 Inches
  • Styles: Flattened top OR round post
  • Width: up to 3"
  • Color: White, Yellow or Orange
  • Can be supplied with or without an anchor
  • Surface mounted SUPER FLEX glue down bases available!
  • Reflective sheeting on front or both sides
  • Used across the country!

Unique formula with recycled polymers to give the delineator & joint the ability to withstand
the extremes of weather,
superior strength and consistently rugged performance year long!

TD5500 Earthflex Ground Mount Delineator

To install with anchor:
Simply slide the post driver ( or a simple metal tube ) down the delineator until the driver
makes contact with the anchor system flange. Since the driver is driving the post
from the bottom 18 inches -unlike other ground mounts which drive from the top edge-
no damage is done to marker and in most soil conditions no pilot hole is needed!


Round Flexible Delineators Full Color Sheet! - Acrobat .Pdf

Don't see what you need or want more information?
Simply contact us for ANY details

Through a combination of our suppliers, and our own reflective products,
we can offer solutions to ANY need with extremely competitive pricing!

"We are VERY proud of our products, and the products that we supply.
We design, build
& sweat over every detail on our products, and make sure our suppliers do the same.
We turn down more products than other companies supply... we ONLY sell the best!"
~ Nancy

Hy-Viz Incorporated -Woman owned, Family Run-- We care!
(phone) 973-478-1464   (fax) 973-478-1943

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