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HyViz Hydrant markers and HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
in action in our gallery!

HyViz reflective signage, Hydrant markers, crossing batons and reflective products for your traffic safety! See our driveway markers, and all our traffic safety products!
Hydrant markers, reflective clothing, traffic safety supplies & more!

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"Our stainless water hydrant markers, with your choice of hydrant marker bends, hydrant marker colors
and optional hydrant flags, make your hydrant STAND OUT all year long!" - Nancy

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Hy-Viz Markers in Action!

Rochelle Park New Jersey

Rochelle Park, NJ

Rochelle Park, after Storm!
( click to enlarge )

Buried.. but NOT lost!!

Ol' Glory waving tall on our marker!
see this marker on page 3 too!
Saddle Brook, New Jersey 2003- 20 inches of snow!

Our FREE Patriot banding Option!
Click either for a great detailed photo!
You can SEE the reflective surface glistening!

Creamsicle Banding

Upstate NY, Blue/Yellow!
Click to enlarge
hydrant markers
Another Great Photo taken from Hauppauge
(multi colored on white rod)
(Click to enlarge)
hydrant markers
White on White.. the brightest!
(Click to enlarge)

Swirl sampler
Click to enlarge!

WITH SPRING! Click to enlarge

Yellow Shaft, Red/Yellow
Click to enlarge

Stainless Patriot

Single Swirls

new  hydrant marker brochures BLACK Reflective banding!
Black during the day to stand out agains snow,
and GOLD when light hits it at night!!

hydrant markers
SEVEN FOOT Ground Force
markers Orange/Red!
(Click to enlarge)

hydrant markers
Orange Swirl Style band!
We can make these in ANY color!
(Click to enlarge)

More Markers and "stuff"
(Page 2)

Check out our markers getting made, the NEW Stainless Ring Mounts!
.. and the secret of the "Gooooo0"

(Page 3)

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