Hy-Viz Hydrant markers are PROUDLY MADE in the USA! Hy-Viz Hydrant markers are PROUDLY MADE in the USA!

The Rockland Fire Department welcomes you to our Adopt-A-Hydrant Page!

... We are so very happy you are interested in adopting a hydrant!

Rockland Fire Department has partnered with Hy-Viz Inc.to bring hydrant markers
to our community!
Some features of the markers:
All markers handmade in the U.S.A
A FIVE foot tall fiberglass rod -strong yet flexible.
FOUR Large Bands of Engineer Grade banding.
Stainless steel rust proof mount. - The hydrant markers will NEVER rust!

These highly reflective hydrant markers will allow hydrants to be visible day or night,
even from a great distance.

The markers will help locate snow covered hydrants during the winter months
and tree and shrub obstructed hydrants during the warmer months, leaf and leaf bag pilings
in the Autumn - even behind illegally parked cars!

Best of all, your adopted hy
drant will look great year after year!

And we need your help by "Adopting" a Hydrant - Its one of the best and easiest ways
to help you, your neighbors, your property and possibly the health and safety of you
and your loved ones in times of emergency!

- Minutes spent looking for a buried hydrant can cost lives!

Here's how the program works:
  • A resident or business will purchase a hydrant marker for $20.00 by either sending a check or money order or coming to the fire station
    and completing a brief Adopt A Hydrant Request Form. You can also use a secure online payment link through PayPal (below).

    * Please make checks payable to "Town of Rockland "
    Rockland Fire Department
     c/o: Adopt a Hydrant Program
    360 Union Street
    Rockland, MA

  • You may also purchase your marker online, securely, directly from the manufacture Hy-Viz Inc. using PayPal.
    You can also change the quantity when ordering if you want to purchase more than one.
    Don't forget to complete the Adopt A Hydrant Request Form and contact us when you purchase using PayPal, so we can get your information.
    "Adopted" Hydrant Location (optional)


  • The resident or business will provide us with the nearest street address (i.e.. in front of 123 Main Street) of the hydrant (or hydrants!)
    they wish to adopt at the time payment is sent.

  • Once a group of orders have been placed, the Fire Department will locate the adopted hydrants and place the markers on them.

  • In the event that there are multiple requests for marking the same hydrant, we will place the marker on one of the many critical hydrants
    that we have in town that may be overlooked.

  • We will notify residents or businesses of our placement once the marker is installed

  • It's helpful if residents could keep their hydrants accessible year-round. Snow in the winter and shrub overgrowth in the summer
    can hamper quick access in an emergency where minutes, if not seconds, count!

We also invite you to visit these pages
for more information and latest news:

Rockland Fire Department Web Page

Rockland Massachusetts Web Page

Phone: 781-878-2123
Fax: 781-982-0302

Note: Adopting a hydrant does not mean you "own" a fire hydrant or the property it sits on - with the exception of private property.

HyViz's fire hydrant markers, driveway markers, safety vests and other custom made reflective products! Hy Viz fire hydrant markers andhydrant locators and more!

HyViz's fire hydrant markers, driveway markers, safety vests and other custom made reflective products!
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