"How much is time worth?"
"How much is it worth, those few fleeting minutes, where it could mean a life, property, memories"

We think time is priceless, saving it should be a affordable as possible

General Air is pleased to announce a way to Let your Hydrants STAND OUT in Any Weather Condition, get noticed when the entire hydrant is surrounded by snow, debris or vegetation, Comply With Local Ordinances, and is VERY COST EFFECTIVE.

We have THREE models and several Color Combinations to meet your EVERY need!

Please, Click on any model to get all the detailed information,
plus see all the color combinations available for each model !

Economy Model
The perfect Choice for low-cost, high quantity marking needs

Standard Model
A combination of Stainless Steel and Fiberglass markers make these beautiful as well as highly functional!

Deluxe Model
A combination of Stainless Steel and Fiberglass ,These are the "Mack Trucks" of our Markers!

Custom Markers...
Want that special custom made marker? ASK us! we make anything including SOLAR powered marker

Installation and maintenance
General Air can Install and Maintain All of it's marking Systems Click here for more details

HI- VIZ Marker Questionnaire form
Fill out this form and we will answer all you questions and get prices with no pressure, NO STRINGS attached!

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